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Entry #2


2012-12-20 23:27:21 by KittenBeat

Is a really popular word. I'm taking one.


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2012-12-21 00:17:55

I've got a Hiatal hernia you can have. Too tight on me :|


2012-12-21 00:39:07


KittenBeat responds:

Yes. :F I'll still post music probably, but a lot of people here are just so.. unpleasant. I don't know why I'd give them my art for free to be treated the way I am. :F


2012-12-22 10:19:02

i'm glad your back and your music is great, but what happened to the music you made before?now your making remixes and other stuff that sound different to. is it just me or did u notice the different genre of music to?

KittenBeat responds:

I am not a band that you buy CDs from. I am constantly experimenting with new genres and styles.


2013-01-29 00:26:18

*pokes Kittenbeat with a stick*..... *gives Kittenbeat a teddy bear and steps back and waits for a reaction*.... Are you back yet?

We miss you. ^.^



2013-05-29 12:27:31

Well, take your time. I know what you feel. :3
And as soon as you come back, I'll be ready to do a collab with you again, if you wish. ^.^

'Til then, take care!


2014-04-07 02:53:34

Ok so like...its been a year or so....wassup....


2014-04-13 11:52:48

Still alive ?


2016-03-04 15:52:14

I took one, too. You gonna be back any time soon? It's been over 3 years.